Who owns Georgia's media
Who owns Georgia's media
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The ownership of Georgian media outlets is transparent. There have not been any significant changes in ownership of major media outlets throughout the last year. None of the major media outlets are directly owned by a political group. The legal battle over the ownership of Rustavi 2 is, most likely, politically motivated. This could adversely impact media freedom in Georgia. There have been significant personnel changes at several major media companies in recent months. This has affected the content of broadcasting. In a number of instances, owners were suspected of interference in the editorial policies of the broadcasters, undermining media freedom. Several cable and internet outlets appear to be owned by anti-Western and religious organizations. Their declared revenue is rather small, making it unclear what resources these channels have been using to be able to broadcast. Several media outlet groups, united by their political preferences, can be differentiated. Some of these websites operate without a stable revenue or permanent employees, raising questions about their independence.

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