• What's So Different About Cultures Anyway?

    Television personality Dato Gogichaishvili provides a humorous analysis of cultural differences and discusses the difficulties in working across various cultural backgrounds. He teaches Media Management in Georgia and is a lecturer of Cross-Cultural Management and Global Business Negotiations at Webster University in Leiden, the Netherlands.

  • Quit Social Media

    ‘Deep Work’ will make you better at what you do

  • Why here is no way back for religion in the West

    Religion isn’t in decline across the Western World

  • Georgia on the Move; A country between Europe and Stalin

    Writer Davit Gabunia travels through his native Georgia to visit the grave of his cousin, who was killed in the war against Russia in 2008. He gives you a profound and moving picture of how his country ticks. On his journey, Davit talks to demonstrators in the capital Tbilisi, the curator of the bizarre Stalin Museum and with a convinced Stalinist who would like to see the statue of the Soviet dictator returned to its plinth in the city from the industrial wasteland where it was dumped. He also visits places that have a great personal meaning for him. Davit’s cousin Shalva died in the Georgian-Russian War of 2008 and he visits the grave in his hometown of Poti on the Black Sea for the first time. For ten years, he didn't dare come back here. Born in 1982, the writer looks at the conflict in his home country through the lens of the so-called "administrative frontier” between Georgia and the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Russia has occupied South Ossetia, which is internationally recognized as part of Georgia, ten years. Davit meets an old farmer's wife and learns how the conflict here affects her everyday life. There’s lots of material for Davit's black notebook, where he meticulously notes down everything that happens during the journey and so creates a panorama of contemporary Georgia.

  • Georgia - Svaneti

    Breathtaking views of Svaneti, Georgia

  • Georgia: Adventure for the Soul

    Step into Georgia and take a journey through time. Experience Georgia's 8,000-year-old winemaking and their UNESCO recognized polyphonic singing. Rooted in ancient culture and traditions, Georgia is an unforgettable "Feast of the Senses."

  • Georgia: Adventure for the Soul

    “Our goal for this video campaign is to share the inspiring stories and emotions of the travel experience in Georgia,” explains Mr. George Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration. “Georgia is proud of our unique cultural heritage and hospitality, and excited to share this new content with the world.”

  • 6th million tourist in Georgia, 2017

    Sandwiched between Turkey and Russia, the Republic of Georgia recently greeted its 6 millionth tourist (per the nation’s best estimate, at least) with a surprise VIP experience that included dinner with the prime minister.

  • Documentary film "Europe in Georgia"

    Documentary film "Europe in Georgia" directed by Toma Chagelishvili and produced by the support of the Office of the State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. The documentary demonstrates that the European Union is the principle donor of Georgia. The director of the film aimed to provide information to the viewers on the EU assistance programmes that create the basis for Georgia's economic development and approximation with the European standards.

  • From the Land of the Golden Fleece: Tomb Treasures of Ancient Georgia

    Museum Director Dr Timothy Potts provides a personal introduction to this spectacular collection of 2000 year-old tomb and temple treasures from Ancient Georgia - the land to which the Greek hero Jason is fabled to have led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. This podcast looks at highlights from the exhibition, from ancient gold and silver jewellery to bronze sculpture and other magnificent funerary items.

  • Georgia (country) territorial history for last 1000 years

    Little Georgia great country with great history, Georgian language does not relates to Russian or to any slavic languages. Georgian (Kartvelian) language spoken by Georgians. It is the official language of the nation of Georgia. Area: Total -69,700 km2 (26,911 sq mi).

  • History of Georgia in Maps

    Changing maps used to describe the history of the country of Georgia

  • BBC Newsnight - What really happened in South Ossetia?

    BBC Newsnight broadcast of november 2008, dedicated to figuring out a theory what happened, and who started what in the Georgian-Russian war over South-Ossetia, which sparked controversy at the time, putting a lot of blame at the Georgian side.

  • Kvevri – The Movie

    A movie about the Qvevri / Kvevri method of winemaking used in Georgia for centuries

  • 14 THINGS TO DO IN GEORGIA (Country) Travel Guide

    ARE YOU PLANNING A TRIP TO #GEORGIA ? Georgia, in my opinion is one of the most underrated countries in #Europe It is a country that has so much to offer, kind, welcoming people, beautiful nature, tasty food. I have put together a video giving you 14 things to do in the form of a #Travel guide.

  • Tbilisi city - ციდან დანახული თბილისი 4K

    Aerial tour of Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Intro Sakartvelo (Georgia)

    Aerial video of beautiful Georgia

  • Exploring Georgia - Tbilisi Creative Culture and Kakheti Wine Region

    Georgia turned out to be one of the biggest surprises we have had so far. The culture, history and friendly vibe is very welcoming. Tbilisi was exploding with creativity and the eastern Kakheti wine region was delicious and historic. We learned so much on our way and can't wait to return.

  • Full Documentary | Georgia & The Great Caucasus

    Georgia. The secret in the Caucasus Georgia has protected its artistic heritage and been able to maintain the vibrancy of its unique traditions. It has conserved a biodiversity greater than that of some continents, and has a magnetism which draws people back to visit over and over again.

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